Friday, January 15, 2010

The name's Bond...

I am, quite possibly, still a child.

It's true!

I have magic in my imagination...

To the delight of my children, I can, in mere moments, see a whimsical picture or read a lively story and be whisked away in a land filled with fairy tales, hero's and heroines, funny moments and adventure.

Speaking of adventure...

I believe I am suffering from repressed adventure issues.

Since I became pregnant with my kids, and as I've gotten older, I have been unable to stomach watching suspenseful movies, reading or watching stressful stories in the news (call me out of touch) and watching all those cop/bad guys movies on t.v. I just hate that feeling of danger and suspense and not knowing what will happen to my favorite character, or the not knowing if the danger mentioned on the news will touch near my home.

I am afraid of heights, have small panic attacks when flying since 9/11, hate bugs, getting dirty, am somewhat of a hypochondriac and absolutely cannot stand the sight of blood.

My biggest weapons on a daily basis are a bottle of Lysol and bleach *Squirt*

and yet...

Every night, when I close my eyes for blessed sleep, this door of adventure bursts forth and plays itself out in my dreams.

Last night, I dreamt I was a spy for the USA, running for my life with a secret formula. The night before last, I was an archaeologist hunting hidden treasure in an underground cavern, and before that, I was leading my friends and family out of a labyrinth of disaster as the bad guys closed in.

In each dream, I have a "secret weapon" that I can pull out of my handbag - flame throwers, hand grenades, tear gas, brass knuckles...(once I even used a chopstick and a ruler to save the life of my best friend from a nefarious foe).

My reverie starts out simply (always), and sooner, rather than later, a situation for danger presents itself. And I, in my super heroine-ness, throw all caution to the wind and protect others in an elegant Rambo style.

I almost always wake from a dead sleep with my heart racing and ready to leap tall buildings in a single bound...

Strange isn't it?

I, who can't even watch "The Goonies" without a small stroke (even though I've seen it a billion times), saving the world most every night?

My husband calls me "Pollyanna"...

But tonight, you can call me Bond, Janelle Bond - Agent 0017.


  1. It's good to know that you saved me with your skills in my dream!! LOL I think your spy skills will come in handy in the near future... Agent 007 - Code words: My toe hurts... This message will self-destruct. Either that or I will ;o)

  2. Love this! :) So glad I found your blog. I must admit that I either rarely have dreams or fail to remember them. Strange enough, I remembered dreaming last night. Of course, after reading this, found my dream of driving around in a convertible with Roger Clemens...somewhat lacking. lol

  3. Ok, first let me sat that your whole paragraph starting with "since I became pregnant..." makes me feel WONDERFUL! That entire thing is so me! I always feel so bad that I can't stomach the news and Brandon gets so ticked at me. ugh.

    Anyway, the weapons in your handbag thing. too funny! I love it.

    And I think you need a good sleepaid or something. hehe xoxo love you

  4. I had to figure out SOME WAY to post on your Blogs. EVERY ONE of them touches me tremendously. You had me in tears on your post about you and Jeni. You are one amazing lady and I'm tremendously blessed that you call me "Mom."