Wednesday, March 3, 2010


This week, my good friend, Amy, wrote about "The Ugly" and then another friend, SoShawna, wrote about "Tears..." both talking about the times in our lives that are hard to talk about and to share with others...

These posts got my already active mind churning.


I'm dedicating this post to my Husband... Nate.

I met my husband when I was a freshman in high school (no, he wasn't my husband yet...) and I told my best friend, Jeni, that I was going to marry him someday.

I did.

Looking back over the last 8 years.


It has been a ride.

Like one of those freaky coasters at Six-Flags with the upside down loop de loop that makes you want to pee and throw up at the same time.

Strapped into a small moving vehicle you may experience highs, sharp turns, abrupt, extreme changes, fear, thrills and moments of intense nausea.

(My marriage in a nutshell)

Nathan and I have experienced so much in a short amount of time that sometimes it feels as though our marriage was set on warp speed and we went ahead 40 years.

Babies, diapers, no sleep, poop, immaturity, fears, baggage, cross country moves, emotional affairs, near divorce, reconciliation, loss, pain, fighting, silence, distance, inexperience, selfishness, stubbornness, invisibility, lack of communication, finances, slothfulness, and sometimes just plain stupidity...

Each of those words could be a chapter in the book of my life.


I'm loving the chapter we are in right now.

We've learned to love and laugh.

With God's help, we've made it through some pretty dang tough times and we've had to work through some things that I hope none of you ever have to.

We've seen each others warts, inconsistencies and imperfections in each situation.

He knows I have cellulite (Don't be shocked, I bet you have some too *wink*), he's seen the birth of our two children, he's held my hand in the dark moments, made me laugh like no one can, been my strength and he loves me even though I am an emotional mess sometimes.

Last night, we sat on the couch and watched AI together his arm looped over my waist. N said something to me, I peeked at him over my shoulder laughing at his comment.

In that small moment, my eyes were opened and I saw us.

Friends, lovers, parents and partners.

Working together on the same page.

All the dirt behind us and a future of being stronger ahead of us.

My heart 'bout near stopped it was so full of love.
(I bet he was wondering why I was ogling him with eyes like a tree frog)

We've made it...

Have you ever seen those rowdy teenagers get off the coaster?

Laughing, screaming, slightly green, adrenaline rushing, one puking into a trash can and then turning right around and getting back on line to do it again...


I love the rush of my life. I am getting back in line to ride it again.

Loop-de-loop here I come!

Only real men can wear pink... lol

Our sweet family.


  1. LOVE IT!! Isnt' it the truth? Life is such a ride. So important to focue on the best part of it.

    I love you and I adore the kissing picture. So pretty. You are so lucky that you look so great with your hair pulled back!! VERY JEALOUS cause you know how I feel about THAT! ha! :) xoxo

  2. Aw, sweet and encouraging words! Marriage is quite the roller coaster, but what starts with two will eventually be just two again, so we better learn our lovers and learn them well. :) Loved this!

  3. Great post babe! Even if I do say so myself. We have been through a lot which makes life so much sweeter now.

    I love all of you.

  4. This is a beautiful post and you are such an eloquent writer!

  5. Oh Honey girl,
    this was beautiful. WE have been married 8 years as well. It is an amazing journey. I am so proud of your transparency. This touched my heart.
    Love you friend,
    PS love the first picture of you and Nate.