Tuesday, May 18, 2010

She's back!

Hello Blog Land! 

I have crawled out from under my rock and I'm back in the saddle again.  Didjah miss me?

I took some time away from my blog (and the many that I follow) to clear my head, get direction, and cut some static out of my life.

It was a "blogcation".

 My "Blogcation" started over a month ago, when I realized it was time to go get my kids from school and "WHAM" it hit me. I had spent the WHOLE of my day reading about other peoples lives. I wasn't engaging in my own. I was reading about these fabulous women who were doing and creating things in their life and I was sitting at my computer reading about it doing nothing about my own. Now, I don't normally spend a WHOLE day on google reader, but, I did start fudging with the amount of time I was spending on the computer and wasting time as a whole.

So, I "unplugged" and started really doing some mental soul searching.

What do I want to do? What am I good at?
What does God want me to do with the talents that He gave me?

I'm feeling a little more clearheaded and have a general direction for ME.
Not direction for my family, not my marriage, not my duties and ministries at church,
but direction for ME - Janelle Hyatt.

I have allowed who God created me to be individually to be swallowed up by life and circumstances and have become too ok with the thought of "Someday".
 I'm ready to make "someday I'll do ..." become "I am working on..."

I'll write more indepth when I get more than a few moments.

Well, for now I'm heading out out to puruse an antique market place - I'm on a decorating spree again (the inlaws are staying here for 2 weeks - what a motivator!)

I'll leave you with a song my 6 year old wrote and sang to me this morning...

"Good night sweetheart Mom"

You're the sweetest person I know
I wish I could kiss you now.
You're too pretty for your attitude.
I love you more than you love me
And that's ok!

I like everyway you speak
Youre the best in the world
And the flowers make you pop like daisys.

I wish you were true
You make my heart go crazy
Like the sun exploding.

I wish I had a dog, but that is ok
Because I love you anyway.
You make me special in everyway

You're the best in the world and that is ok.
You make the world a better place
Like when you're flying through the
Beauty blue sky.

I love you mom, but that is ok
But if you're always with me
Everything is ok.
Just if you're around you're always ok.

You get cranky, but that is ok.
Because if you're always around
I always love you.
You read me books everyone day.

I love you more than I love daisys and my bed.
I love you to pieces even more than my head.
Because if you're around everything is ok.

I love you mom, my love is full.
Because you're so sweet
You make my toys better.
If we had a dog, he'd lick you to pieces
And I'd laugh all the way home.

Thanks for my new bed and myself
But you are the best in the world
and I love that.
I am 6 and you are 28
But that is ok
Because we are the same.

Till we talk again my sweet friends!


  1. haha I love Tristans song! and I'm excited to see what you come up with! Glad you are back. You were missed. xoxo

  2. I'm glad you're back!! I love reading your blog, you have such a nice way with words. Wow! I was just thinking since I've found this blog world out there I've been wasting ALOT of time!!! Thanks for the reality check, NEEDED that!

    What a darling song.

  3. I've been away too and I've missed you and your innermost thoughts :) Maybe I'll start sharing stuff again soon, who knows.

  4. I wondered where you went!I always enjoy your thoughts and take on things in life. Blogcations are good for the soul. Everybody oughta take one once in a while or more. :) Love the song, that is just tooooooo sweet!